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Community Stories
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**Please Note
Please DO NOT use Internet Explorer 8 or less to download documents from this wiki, as it is not compatible. Use FireFox, Chrome, Safari or a later version of Internet Explorer.


The Northern Territory Library Wiki is a web-based knowledge management project for the Northern Territory Library staff and Northern Territory Library stakeholders. The aim of the NTLWiki is to facilitate open communication through internal and external collaboration. The wiki contains articles about the transparent business of the Northern Territory Library to communicate clearly the practises of the institution.

The NTLWiki is written collaboratively by the staff of the Northern Territory Library and stakeholders with whom the Northern Territory Library has a relationship that would be benefit by further communication. This includes stakeholders who are collaborating in joint projects with Northern Territory Library. Stakeholders have access to edit, comment, create and view in relevant articles.  All contributions to the NTLWiki are done by authenticated users, and stakeholders are required to request access.

The NTLWiki covers a broad range of the business practises of the Northern Territory Library. This includes, a calendar for shared devices, a cataloguing manual and working documents on projects that are being run by the Northern Territory Library.  Unlike a static website, the NTLWiki is continually created and updated, and allows for the documentation of current and historic practices. This wiki has several RSS feed options if you want to keep track of changes or follow a topic.


Cataloguing Manual

This manual is designed to show what we do with each different item type that we handle. This manual is not designed to teach how to catalogue.

We catalogue to AACR2, DDC22, MARC21 and LCSH standards - you must be familiar with these tools and have them handy to refer to at all times whilst cataloguing.

There are some specifically Australian exceptions to subject headings which have been mandated by Australian libraries and are maintained by the National Library of Australia.  The National Library of Australia provides ABN Cataloguing Manual to assist with Cataloguing.

The examples given in this manual are intended to be a guide only and will not answer every question you may have about a particular item. If ever you have any doubts about an item please contact Cataloguing.





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    I love NT Library!

  2. Anonymous

    I am always looking for resources of valuable information on the internet. The NT Library is an excellent resource. Simple yet comprehensive. I think there needs to be greater awareness of the project, but i recognise that with everything there is limited resources. As I operate Darwin bird watching tours, I am interested in making publicly available information on Northern Territory birds. The NT library may well be the best media to do so. Hopefully I can get more involved. 

  3. Anonymous

    Big Up NT Libraries!!

  4. Okay for me for next Wednesday 18th May at 2pm

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    yes I'll email them to you.